Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins (2nd Edition)

by Miguel A. de la Torre

Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins  (2nd Edition)
Publication date: 2014-03-10
Number of pages: 384
ISBN: 9781626980754

Revised and expanded edition of a classic classroom text.

Miguel de la Torre opens up Christian ethics to the rich diversity found among those who are often excluded from academic and Eurocentric ethical considerations. This book seeks to help students realize that because the gospel message itself was proclaimed to the marginalized peoples of Judea, the people who occupy the same disenfranchised spaces in our contemporary cultures are the ones who hold the interpretive key to understanding that gospel message. The blinding effects of power and privilege (institutional or not) can be overcome by a justice-based ethics that avails itself of the perspectives and experiences of those on the margins.

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