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Does God Like Being God?

Does God Like Being God?

By John Honner

Does God Like Being God? And Other Tricky Questions about God is a response to many requests made by Catholic teachers, catechists, and parents for help in answering the tricky and often highly intelligent questions that children and young people ask about their faith. The book begins with four foundational chapters: “Can theology be made simple?”, “Why is the Bible important?”, “Is faith reasonable?”, and “Can expressions of faith change?” It then explores a series of questions like “Who made God?”, “If God is almighty, why is there so much suffering?”, and “Does God have a plan for me?”. Each chapter draws on engaging stories and examples to illustrate points, as well as summarizing relevant elements of Scripture, Church teaching, and contemporary philosophy and science. While primarily designed as a resource for teachers, the work could also be helpful in RCIA programs, faith formation programs for adults, and identity development programs for lay leaders in Catholic ministries.

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