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Do You Believe? The Challenge of an Easter Faith

Do You Believe? The Challenge of an Easter Faith

Do You Believe? guides the reader through the events of the Paschal mystery Christ s death and resurrection. Each chapter provides brief reflection questions on the stages of this important celebration in the life of the church, and which is central to the life of a Christian.
Beginning with the Transfiguration, the book traces the events through Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, the connection between Herod and Pilate, which precedes Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and finally, the post-resurrection appearances. There is also a chapter devoted to the Benedictine Easter.
Do You Believe? gives readers the opportunity to relate to the characters of the passion events in a real and personal way and presents the challenge of faith and hope today.

Table of Contents
1. The Transfiguration
2. Palm Sunday
3. Holy Thursday
4. Herod and Pilate
5. Good Friday
6. Holy Saturday
7. Easter Sunday
8. Post-Resurrection Appearances
9. A Benedictine Easter
10. Light and HopeAndrew Nugent, O.S.B., Andrew Nugent OSB
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