Discovering Mary

by David Mills;

Discovering Mary
Publication date: 2014-01-01
ISBN: 9780867169270

As a convert to Catholicism, David Mills discovered that entering the Church didn't automatically confer appreciation for the mother of Jesus. Soon, however, "I found myself developing an experiential understanding of Mary and indeed a Marian devotion-which surprised me. It surprised me a lot."

Having wondered about Mary himself, Mills knows the questions that puzzle not only new Catholics but many cradle Catholics and non-Catholics as well. Discovering Mary brings together essential Marian information in an engaging manner not only to instruct but also to deepen devotion to "the one who bore our Savior and deserves our love."

David Mills, a writer and editor, is former editor of the award-winning Touchstone magazine. Author of Knowing the Real Jesus and editor of The Pilgrim’s Guide: C. S. Lewis and the Art of Witness, he is a columnist for the Inside Catholic Web site and writes regularly for Catholic publications. He, his wife, Hope, and their four children were received into the Church while David was teaching at an Episcopal seminary.

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