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Disciples of All Nations

Disciples of All Nations

An invaluable companion and guide to the history, theology and practice of the New Evangelization. Leading scholar, author and workshop presenter Dr. Josephine Lombardi leads us through an engaging exploration of the development and purpose of the New Evangelization. Identifying the meaning of the expression New Evangelization, she examines the enormous breadth of papal and Church teaching on the subject since the Second Vatican Council. Lombardi’s approachable overview helps us engage the Church’s theology with a tangible application of the New Evangelization today. Deeply rooted in Scripture, the Tradition of the Church, and current with the teachings of recent popes, Lombardi’s guide is a much-needed resource for those charged with the mandate to bring about the New Evangelization. Priests, teachers and lay Catholics will all find this book a must-have for their ministry. To help you and your community discuss Josephine's book on the New Evangelization, check out the online study guide.Dr. Josephine Lombardi
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