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Despondency: The Spiritual Teaching of Evagrius of Pontus

by Gabriel Bunge

Despondency: The Spiritual Teaching of Evagrius of Pontus
Publication date: 2012-01-31
Number of pages: 156
ISBN: 9780881413946
This ultimately joyful work is one of the few books available in English to deal exclusively with the problem of despondency-acedia- and how it can be overcome. Bunge analyzes the views of Evagrius Ponticus, the famous "philosopher of the desert," on the dangers of acedia. Evagrius develops a sophisticated psychology which remains beneficial to us today. Indeed, this 4th-century Desert Father writes for Christians everywhere: for those in modern deserts -the city- and for those subject to silent despair. This is a companion book to Dragon's Wine and Angel's Bread (SVS Press, 2009).Gabriel Bunge

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