Desires of the Heart w/music CD

by Bill Huebsch;

Desires of the Heart w/music CD
Publication date: 2006-09-28
ISBN: 9781585955565
Designed to be used for both personal and group use, this unique book of prayer draws its inspiration and themes from our Catholic faith. Each chapter corresponds to a booklet from the Growing Faith Project. Each combines a section to help you prepare your heart, reading and reflection on the word of God, meditation on music, a lovely prayer that fosters moments of silence, and a suggestion to help put into action the faith topic of the chapter. A truly valuable feature of this book of prayers is the music CD that accompanies it. Written for everyone who seeks God and desires to strengthen their faith amid the experiences of everyday life, Desires of the Heart is a book to treasure and use over and over. 118674 Bill Huebsch;, Lisa Anslinger
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