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Daffy Definitions for Seniors...with a Laugh and a Prayer

Daffy Definitions for Seniors...with a Laugh and a Prayer

Are you ready for some senior definitions of words like balneology, hogwash, nictitate, cane, and oesophagus? With these, the author offers sage and humorous advice to all who sometimes feel the pinch of aging and the aches, pains, and problems that can come with it. She also includes prayers that focus on the positive aspects of senior years. And the delightful artwork adds just the right touch of whimsy.

This book is not a prescription for perfect health or a guaranteed trouble-free seniority. It just offers some light moments so you can sometimes laugh at the knee that creaks or the brain that may get stuck in reverse and then pray for help!

It might even be a stepping stool to encourage you to climb up out of the doldrums and change that burned-out light bulb in your occasionally age-challenged attitude. Above all, the author is praying it will lead you to some very happy senior moments.Bernadette McCarver Snyder

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