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Courageous Hope: The Call of Leadership

Courageous Hope: The Call of Leadership

This book s focus on leadership and hope is very appropriate given today s climate of distrust that many find results in a sense of hopelessness in their current leaders. Individuals and organizations are desperate for leaders of hope. Many books on leadership point to the need for inner motivation, but that inner motivation must be hope in new possibilities for a changed future. It is hope that gives a meaningful expression to leadership and enables the leader to be creative in dealing with the present. More than anything else it is a vision of hope that can excite and empower leaders to inspire others to strive for a common vision. You can have faith in a vision, but it is only hope that keeps you working for it, for dedication to vision is only proved in hope. Today=s world and its many manifestations in organizational life are crying out for a new dedication to the vocation of leadership. The greedy, the abusers, the power hungry, the selfish will always be with us. May there also always be those men and women who will give their lives to leadership in service for others and in dedication to a future for which we hope. The aim of this book is to invite the reader to think about what he or she hopes for in leadership and how to be faithful to those hopes.Leonard Doohan
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