The Courage to Dare (EBOOK VERSION)

by Kathryn Perry , Leah Perrault

The Courage to Dare (EBOOK VERSION)
Publication date: 2013-05-01
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781896466597
An exploration of the spiritual legacy of a Canadian who founded a religious order to serve those who settled Canada’s West in the early 1900s.

Catherine Donnelly was a woman with an adventurous spirit and a deep faith. When
 she began teaching in rural Alberta in the early 1900s, she grew increasingly aware of the needs of immigrants in the Canadian West. She saw that existing Church structures were not able to help the poor farmers enough. For that reason, she decided to bring the Church to them, and in the process founded the Sisters of Service, a Canadian order of religious women, in 1922.

Her path was not an easy one and often placed her at odds with Church hierarchy, yet her own courage, belief and desire to help others made sure she found a new way to serve others and live the Gospel.

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