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Conversations with a Guardian Angel

Conversations with a Guardian Angel

 “Robert Wicks is a master craftsman of hope. He exquisitely hones this indispensable quality in Conversations with a Guardian Angel. Wicks’s perspective remains positive even amid the greatest darkness and loss. The author has a remarkable ability to draw meaning from the events of ordinary life and offer theological, spiritual and psychological insights with both depth and clarity. As with his other publications, this one is spiced with good humor, delightful stories, and practical insights. Prepare yourself for a spiritually enriching and hope-filled experience as you enter into these beloved conversations.” — Joyce Rupp, Award-winning author of numerous books, including Fragments of Your Ancient Name

Jack, a psychiatrist recovering from a personal tragedy, finds hope and healing in the wise words offered by his guardian angel, Kathleen. She introduces him to a world of new perspective, the insight of other spiritual guides, and a new life of acceptance and hope in the wake of great loss.
Robert J. Wicks;, Robert J. Wicks
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