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Considering Jesus

Considering Jesus

COME TO KNOW JESUS—ONE EXPERIENCE AT A TIME Jesus can feel remote to Christians because he stands alone in his flawlessness, his sinlessness. But the reality is that this quintessential human grew in knowledge, insight, influence, and grace exactly as does every human: one day, one experience, one relationship at a time. Considering Jesus, by renowned author and spiritual director Joseph Tetlow, is a book of, about, and for prayer that explores the characteristics, identity, and spirituality revealed by Jesus through his purposeful actions and relationships during his earthly ministry. Jesus can relate to our joy, suffering, and yearning precisely because he has felt joy, suffering, and yearning, and therefore he understands what’s inside our hearts. As a result of realizing that Jesus’ human heart is so very much like ours, praying with Jesus becomes personal and fulfilling. “I wrote this book because I want to share my love of Jesus with readers,” notes Fr. Joe. “Our human experiences were just like Jesus of Nazareth’s. Read this book, and you will pray with Him not as an idea but as a human person.”Joseph Tetlow, SJ
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