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Conscience in Conflict

by S.J.; Kenneth R. Overberg , The Rev. Father Kenneth R. Overberg Of The Society Of Jesus

Conscience in Conflict
Publication date: 2006-01-15
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9780867167238
"The book deals with the questions of authority, magisterium, infallibility and conscience in a balanced and respectful way."—from the Foreword by Bishop William A. Hughes

"What ought we to do?" In Conscience and Conflict: How to Make Moral Choices, Jesuit theologian Kenneth Overberg tackles this question and the gray area surrounding ethical dilemmas by providing a readable and up-to-date process for coming to decisions about crucial contemporary personal and social questions. This third edition includes discussion of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church, homosexuality, stem cell research, globalization, terrorism and preemptive war. Overberg also addresses euthanasia, artificial conception and contraception, managed care and other tough issues that confront us as individuals and as global communities.

"…makes available to a popular audience key developments in moral theology over the past 25 years."—Rev. Richard J. McCormick, S.J., James O'Brien Professor of Christian Ethics, University of Notre Dame

"…assists the reader to come to grips personally with important questions in Catholic ethics today through the development of an intelligent, nuanced standpoint."—Lisa Sowle Cahill, professor of theology, Boston College
S.J.; Kenneth R. Overberg, The Rev. Father Kenneth R. Overberg Of The Society Of Jesus

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