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Confirmation Conversations

by Connie Clark

Confirmation Conversations
Publication date: 2019-07-01
ISBN: 9781627854795
Why do I have to do this? What s a sponsor, and why do I need one? What happens next? As your child begins confirmation preparation, you might hear questions like these, and maybe more. And you probably have questions yourself: What is your role now in your child s maturing faith life? Who can you turn to for help if your teenager refuses to go to Mass? Here you ll find strategies for respectful, honest conversations to have with your son or daughter about confirmation and what s beyond this life-giving sacrament of God s grace. You ll get a chance to reflect on your own faith journey as you discover some of the surprising benefits of this time of preparation. Most important, you ll get opportunities to help everyone in your family open their hearts to the ways God calls all of you to his everlasting kingdom of perfect joy, love, and peace.Connie Clark