Common Good, Uncommon Questions:
Topics in Moral Theology

by Timothy Backous, OSB, and William C. Graham , William C. Graham, Editor

Common Good, Uncommon Questions: <br> Topics in Moral Theology
Publication date: 2014-07-08
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9780809148813

Moral theology is a constantly changing landscape of serious reflection on how to live rightly, whether as an individual or as a society. New fields unheard of twenty years ago develop, and new voices add theirs to forebears in the tradition.

This book is a thorough revision of the editors' original, taking into account such phenomena as the emerging field of virtue ethics, the impact of science and technology on sexual and bioethics, and the increasing importance of such issues as environmental concern to social justice. College professors will find this the go-to anthology for a wide selection of primary source readings for their introductory ethics and moral theology courses, and campus ministers will find it a treasury of stimulating, thought-provoking material for student reflection on living the moral life.

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