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Clerical Vestments: Ceremonial Dress of the Church (Shire Library)

by Sarah Bailey

Clerical Vestments: Ceremonial Dress of the Church (Shire Library)
Publication date: 2013-06-18
Number of pages: 70
ISBN: 9780747812210
The churches of Britain contain a remarkable heritage of exquisitely embroidered vestments, and cathedrals in particular hold some of the most beautiful textiles ever produced in Europe. The history of these priestly garments and how their use developed in Britain and Europe is fascinating. This book outlines the tradition and mysticism associated with them and the role they still play in the 'theatre' of church, and shows how colour and ornament are used in the symbolism of the Christian faith. It explores the history of vestment production up to the present day, covering the practicalities of design, the sourcing of fabrics and the embroiderers themselves.Sarah Bailey

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