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Church Monuments

Church Monuments

Pages: 32 Language: English Publisher: Osprey Publishing Church monuments are memorials in various forms within the church itself (this was more prestigious than being buried in the graveyard. and so the most important people tended to have memorials inside the building) They can. take the form of chest tombs. often with an effigy of the deceased atop it. and can have ornamental canopies over them. usually reflecting the architectural fashions of the time. Particularly from the sixteenth century. monuments might be recessed into the walls of the church . and might feature a bust of the deceased rather than a full effigy. There is always some form of epitaph included. and particularly from the eighteenth century. effigies were less prominent. a wall-mounted cartouche with an epitaph being more favored.This book provides a basic introduction to the subject of English church mo...Brian Kemp
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