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Church History-student text: Apostolic Times to Today (Living in Christ)

Church History-student text: Apostolic Times to Today (Living in Christ)

Church History: Apostolic Times to Today.

This course examines the events of the Church's life, the contributions to human life it has made, and studies the challenges the Church has faced overtime, from her earliest history.

In addition to the complete text of the print book, the iBook Edition, and the enhanced interactive e-Books, add the following features:

In-text links to official, online versions of Scripture, the Catechism, and Church documents so that students can study quotes from the text in their original context.

In-text links to online biographies of all the saints mentioned in the student text.

Photo galleries that explore topics in the text.

Presentations that review key concepts.

Self-correcting quizzes that assess the student's mastery of the content in each part of the text.

Links to online videos that explore people or concepts in greater depth.

The Living in Christ Series

Makes the most of the wisdom and experience of Catholic high school teachers as they empower and guide students to participate in their own learning.

Engages students' intellect and responds to their natural desire to know God.

Encourages faith in action through carefully crafted learning objectives, lessons, activities, active learning, and summative projects that address multiple learning styles.

What you will find . . .

Each Living in Christstudent book is developed in line with the U.S. Bishops' High School Curriculum Framework and provides key doctrine essential to the course in a clear and accessible way, making it relevant to the students and how they live their lives.

Each Living in Christteacher guide carefully crafts the lessons, based on the key principles ofUnderstanding by Design, to guide the students' understanding of key concepts.

Living in Christoffers an innovative, online learning environment featuring flexible and customizable resources to enrich and empower the teacher to respond to the diverse learning needs of the students.

The Living in Christ series is available to you in traditional full-color text and in digital textbook format, offering you options to meet your preferences and needs.

**This title is in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the USCCB's Curriculum Framework.N/A, Gloria Shahin, Joanna Dailey
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