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Church History: Faith Handed On (Catholic Basics: A Pastoral Ministry Series)

Church History: Faith Handed On (Catholic Basics: A Pastoral Ministry Series)

Delve into the exciting narrative that is the story of the Church's own history. This well-researched, educational, and invaluable reference is sure to inform members of the clergy, DREs, teachers and history buffs.
Church history is the story of faith handed on, of how fallible human people, given by God to be members of the Body of Christ in the Church, have struggled to live out the Gospel in the very concrete circumstances of their lives for nearly two thousand years. If we stand within the Church, if we are the Church, then it is our story. And when we learn the story of our struggles, triumphs, and failures, we come to know more about who and what we are as a community of faith.
—From the introduction
Catholic Basics: A Pastoral Ministry Series offers an indepth yet accessible understanding of the fundamentals of the Catholic faith for adults, both those preparing for lay ministry and those interested in the topics for their own personal growth. The series helps readers explore the Catholic tradition
and apply what they have learned to their lives and ministry situations. Each title offers a reliable introduction to a specific topic and provides a foundational understanding of the concepts.
Each book in the series presents a Catholic understanding of its topic as found in Scripture and the teachings of the Church. Each of the authors has paid special attention to the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so that further learning can be guided by these core resources.
Chapters conclude with study questions that may be used for small group review or for individual reflection. Additionally, suggestions for further reading offer dependable guides for extra study.
The initiative of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership led to the development of an earlier version of this series. The indispensable contribution of the series editor, Dr. Thomas Walters, helped ensure that the concepts and ideas presented here are easily accessible to a wide audience

Kevin Hughes, Kevin L. Hughes PhD
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