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Christianity in a Nutshell

Christianity in a Nutshell

From one of the world's most prophetic voices, and inspiring sumary of the Christian message. For over fifty years and in over sixty books, Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff has explored the mysteries of the Christian message. In this short work he sets out to describe the essence of Christianity in language that is accessible and meaningful in terms of our awareness of the evolution of the universe and an expanding cosmos. In this perspective he asks, "What does Christianity intend to reveal? What message does it bring to human beings? For believers, how does it reveal God and how is God revealed in it?" Boff situates the story of Jesus in the immense history of the cosmos, the story of the Divine Mystery that seeks to be known. He goes on to relate the story of Jesus to the history of Christianity, which carries on his mission, despite its failing and distortions. Thus, the Christian movement takes part in the common mission of other religious and spiritual paths "to keep alive the sacred flame of the divine presence in each person, in history, and in the entire cosmic process."translator; Leonardo Boff;Phillip Berryman, Leonardo Boff
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