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Christian Parenting Survival Guide From A to Z

Christian Parenting Survival Guide From A to Z

Author David Thomas believes that parenting is a very sacred vocation that comes right from the heart of God. The Almighty, Giver and Sustainer of Life invites parents to help in the tremendous gift of creating children! When we become parents, he says, we enter an entirely new world. We experience sidesplitting laughter, bone chilling worry, backbreaking burdens, and mind bending challenges. But parenting is above all a vocation to follow Christ as a family. Thomas believes, too, that our faith can be connected in a thousand ways to our lives as parents. But we have to work on seeing the connections. We have to look hard to see the points of contact. And that s his goal in this practical and informative book, to help parents see and make the connections. This is an inspiring, down to earth guide on how Christian parenting is both challenging and rewarding, a task worthy of every parents best effort. A to Z topics include acceptance, caring, goodness, intimacy, openness, patience, understanding, and zest. Each chapter concludes with a Prayer for parents and questions for reflection and discussion.David M. Thomas
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