Christian Mission Among the Peoples of Asia

by Jonathan Y. Tan

Christian Mission Among the Peoples of Asia
Publication date: 2014-10-10
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781626981041
In recent decades, traditional Christian notions of evangelism as missio ad gentes, mission from a Christian center out “to the peoples,” have been nuanced by a new understanding of evangelizing as missio inter gentes, mission “among the peoples.” Beginning from this new understanding of mission, Jonathan Tan rethinks the task of evangelization in Asia, home to two thirds of the world’s population. Tan explores the challenge of doing Christian mission in the context of a socio-cultural diversity and religious pluralism far more profound than that seen on other continents. Mission in this context is made more complicated by the interplay of forces of post colonialism, globalization, transnationalism, migration, economic disparities, and political totalitarianism, as well as rising religious exclusivism and nationalist chauvinism. Ultimately, Tan concludes, the mission efforts of Asian Christians themselves in these diverse contexts will be the crucial factor in determining the future of Christianity in Asia.
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