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Christ in Ten Thousand Places: Homilies Toward a New Millennium

by Burghardt , Walter J. Burghardt

Christ in Ten Thousand Places: Homilies Toward a New Millennium
Publication date: 2000-01-01
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9780809139057
One of America's foremost and best-loved preachers delivers here not only 44 new homilies for different occasions but also his secrets for giving an effective sermon. These methods go beyond generalizations and show how to speak meaningfully to a particular audience at a particular point in time. In traveling around the world, Burghardt says he does not "bring" the word of God there. Instead, he believes his role is to discern God's word where it already exists.

The all-new homilies are for the liturgical seasons, weddings, feast days, and such miscellaneous occasions as graduations and convocations. Each is scripturally based, relates the biblical events to our own lives today, and incorporates both anecdotes and contemporary world affairs. Each is also "classic Burghardt"--a tight, logical 3-part structure that is also literary, graceful, and passionately concerned with justice.

The collection includes an index to all thirteen volumes, making it ideal for clergy of all Christian denominations, for professors of homiletics, and for the many people who read Burghardt's sermons for private inspiration.Burghardt, Walter J. Burghardt