Change in Official Catholic Moral Teaching (Readings in Moral Theology)

by Charles E. Curran, ed. ,

Change in Official Catholic Moral Teaching (Readings in Moral Theology)
Publication date: 2002-11-01
Number of pages: 441
ISBN: 9780809141340
This thirteenth volume in the valuable Readings in Moral Theology series brings together previously published studies presenting the spectrum of opinion on the change in official Catholic moral teachings. The essays address two important questions: What is the nature of the change that has taken place in official Catholic moral teachings and how have such changes occurred?

The essays reflect some of the factors that have influenced these changes: the Holy Spirit; anthropological insights; prophetic witness; human experience and more.

Among the authors of the nineteen essays are such distinguished theologians as J. Bryan Hehir; John T. Noonan, Jr.; Diana Hayes; Avery Dulles and Lisa Sowle Cahill.

Highlights of this noteworthy book:

--a gold mine of information
--wide selection of material in one volume
--must-have for students and scholars of moral theologyCharles E. Curran, ed., Elizabeth Scurlock University Professor of Human Values Charles E Curran


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