Celebrating Your Child's First Reconciliation

by Dr. Pat Fosarelli;

Celebrating Your Child's First Reconciliation
Publication date: 2012-09-30
Number of pages: 16
ISBN: 9781585958689
The Church gives us the sacrament of reconciliation to demonstrate God’s ever-faithful love and forgiveness. What a great reason to celebrate with your child! As your child’s first teacher in the faith, you can set the stage for a lifetime of receiving forgiveness and imitating the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

This booklet can help you do this. You’ll get information to renew your own understanding of reconciliation, including a brief history and current Church teaching. Plus, you’ll get practical advice for preparing your child at home, with age appropriate Q&As, and detailed explanations of what happens before, during, and after receiving the sacrament.

Whether it’s been a few months, weeks, or many years since you’ve been to confession, let this booklet help you share the tenderness of God’s love and mercy with your child on first reconciliation day—and in the years to come.
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