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Celebrating Your Baby's Baptism

Celebrating Your Baby's Baptism

As your child s first teachers in the faith, you are the ones who make the promises on his/her behalf; you are the ones who will be prayed for to fulfill your parental tasks with joy and fidelity.

Yes, Baptism is a great moment in the life of your family, but it s not just about your baby.

Yes, Baptism is the sacrament that opens the door of faith to your little one, but it can also open the door of faith for you.

Yes, you are promising to raise your child as a faithful Catholic, but you are also promising to be faithful Catholics yourselves.

Here you will find all the help you need to renew your understanding of the sacrament of Baptism, to renew your commitment to Sunday Mass, and to renew your practice of daily prayer as a family. This booklet will guide and encourage you to be the best parents possible and the best models of faith for your baby.

Deborah McCann

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