Catholic Prayer Bible (paperback)

Catholic Prayer Bible (paperback)
Publication date: 2010-07-31
Number of pages: 2500
ISBN: 9780809146635

Lectio divina, the reflective reading of scripture, has long been apopular devotional practice in the Church from the earliest centuries. Itconsists of four steps:

Read: A slow and thoughtful reading of a passage from the Bible

Reflect: A time of reflection and thinking about the meaning of that text to me as a reader

Pray: A period of prayer toGod to bring the message or wisdom of the text to fruit in myself

Act: A decision on what I should do as a result; that is, an action plan to change or improve my life

Lectio divina is simple enough to be done any place where there is some quiet or peace, and at any time of day when you can find a few minutes. It can last for as long or short as you wish to make it; you can spend three minutes or fifteen. And it is intended for everyone, for you—not just for those people you may think of as elite in some way: priests and religious, the very educated. or the very pious. Everyone—including you as you are right now—can find pleasure and spiritual enrichment in Lectio divina.

 This Bible, which is like no other, invites readers, whether individually or in groups, to read the Bible more completely and prayerfully. It is the perfect way to give the gift of prayer to yourself and to those you love.

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