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Catholic FAQs

by Glenn Byer , Catherine Mulroney , Catherine Mulroney

Catholic FAQs
Publication date: 2015-04-01
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9782896881444
The Catholic handbook that answers every question. Catholicism can seem strange and confusing sometimes. Catholic FAQs addresses the many questions that people have about its traditions. The booklet is divided into four parts: sacraments, structures, scripture and practices. Each part answers questions such as “How long does Mass run?” and “What are the seven sacraments?”. With good humour and simple, down-to-earth language, Catholic FAQs is easy for all audiences to understand. No question is too bizarre, abstract or embarrassing. For anything a reader doesn’t know—or wants to learn more about—Catholics FAQs has the answer.Glen Byer, Catherine Mulroney

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