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The Catholic Children's Bible:Strategic Reading Resource

The Catholic Children's Bible:Strategic Reading Resource

The Catholic Children's Bible Strategic Reading Resource is a first of its kind, using forty powerful stories from Sacred Scripture to bridge the gap between teaching religion and reading. In this resource, educators will find innovative, engaging, and proven classroom techniques that connect Featured Stories from The Catholic Children's Bible with essential reading strategies originally published in the International Reading Association's bestseller Creating Strategic Readers, by Valerie Ellery.

In The Catholic Children's Bible Strategic Reading Resource, each Featured Story is supported by resource pages outlining three essential skills early readers must develop: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. Within these resource pages are five instructional elements educators should consider when planning learning experiences:

Research-proven reading strategies

Engaging techniques for classroom application

Clear and concise purpose for each technique

Higher-order "Teacher Talk" to raise students' level of thinking

Aligned Common Core State Standards (Anchor and Grade-Level Standards)

The structure of the Featured Story resource pages enables you to adjust your instructional content based on the needs of your students. Each Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension page offers you the ability to differentiate between two levels of instruction. Each level of instruction provides the opportunity to integrate strong cross-curricular connections between religion and reading, as well as to implement techniques that dive deeper into the educational shifts required by the Common Core State Standards.Saint Mary's Press;, Not Available
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