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Caritas: The Illustrated History of Christian Charity

by Juan María Laboa

Caritas: The Illustrated History of Christian Charity
Publication date: 2014-11-20
Number of pages: 260
ISBN: 9780809106103
Charity is not unique to Christianity, but the history of the followers of Jesus can be told in their practice of love for their neighbors. In Caritas, author Juan María Laboa presents a panorama of this history, told through representative works of art through the centuries from early illustrations of the life of Jesus, through the beauty of medieval illuminated manuscripts, up to and including the teachings of Pope Francis. The importance of social justice in the teaching of the Church is highlighted by the retelling of the stories of lives of the saints and the founding of religious communities dedicated to helping the poor and sick and improving society. Finally, a chapter on the papacy of Pope Francis reemphasizes the Church s tradition of charity and the search for justice.Juan María Laboa

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