Building Strong Church Communities

by Patricia Wittberg, SC

Building Strong Church Communities
Publication date: 2012-08-15
Number of pages: 272
ISBN: 9780809147748
It is precisely in the witness of our church communities—parishes, religious orders, and lay ecclesial movements–that Catholics witness to our Trinitarian God. But while there are numerous books, articles, and workshops describing how individuals can grow in their personal prayer or spiritual life, there are far fewer resources to help Christian communities grow in the ways they image God together. This book summarizes survey results from over 700 Catholic parishes around the United States, together with studies of religious orders and the new ecclesial movements and previous historical research. Its aim is to help these different kinds of Church communities answer the following questions:
• How closely connected do Catholics feel to their parish communities today?
• How has the role of the parish in the Christian community changed throughout history?
• What impact has the internet had on church community connections?
• When is community connectedness beneficial for a parish or religious order? When is it NOT beneficial?
• What can we do to strengthen the wit- ness that our church communities give to the Ultimate Community—our Triune God—in the world today?
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