Builders of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada

by Jacques Monet Ed.;

Builders of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada
Publication date: 2015-02-01
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9782896881284

A vivid account of the Jesuit Order’s influence in English Canada.

The history of the Jesuit order around the world is full of dramatic tension: political intrigue, spiritual insight, adventures into the wilderness and long-lasting friendships. In this new book, from a team of Jesuit scholars and historians, the legacy of the Jesuit order in English-speaking Canada comes to light.

Replete with primary sources and additional reading, this book is ideal for scholarly research. Builders of a Nation focuses on the Jesuits’ work with native spirituality, their involvement in media and communications and their commitment to social justice.

A comprehensive, factual and insightful guide to the Jesuit order, this book illuminates a vital part of Canadian history.

Jacques Monet, sj is the Executive Editor for the Jesuit History Series and the director of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies.

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