Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind

by Dalai Lama;

Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind
Publication date: 2013-05-31
Number of pages: 184
ISBN: 9780824549879
Addressing deep spiritual concerns by asking key questions such as How can we end our suffering? How can we become truly compassionate? and Does the potential for happiness lie in our own hands?, this collection of meditative dialogues by the Dalai Lama expands and illuminates the Four Noble Truths in his characteristic voice, known for its sharp yet compassionate charm and good humor. Each passage is a skillful transcription of the Dalai Lama’s eight famous addresses at the Institute Karma Ling in Savoie, France in 1997, and includes the question-and-answer exchanges that followed each speech. Speaking to advanced Buddhist practitioners, each address receives the full benefit of the Dalai Lama’s measureless experience in clear, useful terms.
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