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Brown Girl Magic

Brown Girl Magic

Noon gets home from school, sad and angry. Someone made fun of her dark skin and wild curls. He told her she should leave. But Noon doesn’t want to leave. And she shouldn’t, because Noon is perfectly ne the way she is. In fact, she’s MAGICAL. Growing up as a brown girl in the West comes with its own set of challenges. You rarely get to see yourself re ected in the images presented to you. On television, in movies, and even in books it is still a struggle to nd characters that look like you, that deal with the same issues you do. Brown Girl Magic wants to help ll that void. It’s a book for, by, and about brown girls. About kinky hair and golden skin, about bullying and loving, about all dif- ferent kinds, shapes, and forms of brown girls. This book is an attempt to (further) empower those girls. Because let’s admit it: they are quite magical!Dalilla Hermans
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