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Bring Flowers of the Fairest

Bring Flowers of the Fairest

The must-have guide to the spirituality, meaning and design of Mary Gardens. Long-time gardener and artist Lauretta Santarossa colourfully depicts through word and image the richly symbolic history and spirituality of Mary Gardens gardens filled with plants named for the Virgin Mary Her captivating historical account and vivid descriptions of the many flowers and herbs illustrate this wonderful tradition Santarossas reflection serves as a testament to the many centuries of Christian devotion to the Blessed Mother Sure to delight and inspire amateur and professional gardeners around the world, Bring Flowers of the Fairest is also an essential book for all those seeking a deeply rooted spirituality With practical ideas for cultivating and nurturing Mary Gardens, readers will be inspired to tend to both the garden of their soul and their garden outdoors (or even inside their home)Lauretta Santarossa;, Lauretta Santarossa
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