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The Boomer Factor: What Canada's Most Famous Generation is Leaving Behind

by Reginald W. Bibby

The Boomer Factor: What Canada's Most Famous Generation is Leaving Behind
Publication date: 2006-10-01
Number of pages: 212
ISBN: 9780978055448
The Boomer Factor is the latest in Reginald Bibby's best-selling series of books on social trends in Canada. In The Boomer Factor Bibby, one of the country's foremost trend-trackers and social commentators, examines just what kind of country the Boomers will be leaving behind. Drawing on his well-known and unparalleled series of national surveys of adults and teenagers spanning the years 1975 to 2005, he identifies ten important trends, including significant changes pertaining to: the pervasiveness of diversity, the decline of community, the rise of the desire for input, the new basis for decision-making, the new sense of time, and the information explosion. He also exposes myths about what people want and the decline of civility, conventional family aspirations, and religion. Bibby offers provocative assessments of the implications of these patterns for social and personal well-being in Canada, in the process evaluating the Boomer legacy. He again displays his trademark ability to present important research findings in a journalistic and engaging style. The Boomer Factor has been greeted with enthusiasm, with the national media giving the book major attention.
Reginald W. Bibby

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