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Black Theology and Black Power

Black Theology and Black Power

An updated and expanded edition of a classic of contemporary theology, a product of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements in 1960's America. Black Theology & Black Power represents James H. Cone's intial attempt to identify liberation as the heart of the Christian gospel, and of blackness as the primary mode of God's presence. Relating the militatn struggle for liberation with the gospel message of salvation, Cone lays ou the foundation for an original interpreation of Christianity that retains its urgency and challenge today. In his new introduction, Cone reviews areas in which his language and analysis have evolved since the first publication of Black Theology & Black Power in 1969. He stands by the essential challange of the original, wiriting "Insofar as racism is still found in the churches and in society, theologians and preachers of the Christian gospel must make it unquestionable clear that the God of Moses and of Jesus makes an unqualified solidarity with the victims, empowering them to fight against injustice." "Manages to kick theology of its pedestal of irrelevant, abstract rhetoric and to make it functional to the end of black liberation."--The Christian CenturyJames H. Cone
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