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Bhakti Flow Yoga: A Training Guide for Practice and Life

Bhakti Flow Yoga: A Training Guide for Practice and Life

Rusty Wells, the wildly popular San Francisco-based yoga teacher, brings all his warmth and enthusiasm to this guide to Bhakti Flow Yoga, a synthesis of Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion) and Vinyasa Flow. It is a style of yoga that emphasizes a seamless connection between the breath and the movements of the body.
Wells provides a wealth of information about yoga in general, and Bhakti Flow specifically, including a historical overview of yoga; a detailed discussion of the energetic practices in yoga; diet and lifestyle choices that will best support your practice; guidelines for students and teachers; and much more. Wells includes photos and detailed descriptions of each yoga pose, along with the physical and spiritual considerations for the poses, and two sample sequences. The Beginner’s Sequence is gentle, complete, and accessible for all body types, and the Surya Flow 1 Sequence is a strong one-hour vinyasa practice that can easily be a launching pad for more creativity.Rusty Wells;, Rusty Wells
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