Better Than We Believed

by Robert J. Cormier

Better Than We Believed
Publication date: 2013-10-01
Number of pages: 120
ISBN: 9780824549800

A profound theological approach to the Catholic faith.

Writing in his familiar, straightforward, and popular voice, Father Robert Cormier presents seven true stories of believers who dared to ask tough questions of God at moments of crisis, and who in turn received real, eye-opening, and ultimately good news about the strength and resilience of their faith. Offering a network of powerful examples—including those who battle anger and stress, betrayal, hatred, and even terminal diagnoses—each study presents a brand new vision of faith, and offers a reliable, faith-based structure for those ready to receive the abundant gifts of faith. Offering something brief in length, yet deep in content, this eye-opening work provides sufferers and seekers alike with the comfort and solace they desire.

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