by Eugene Kennedy;

Publication date: 2013-04-17
Number of pages: 166
ISBN: 9781626980174

This candid exploration of belief transcends the current arguments between atheists and people of faith to show that it is in our nature to believe and that the key to understanding our reason for being is not what we believe about but what we believe in. A renowned psychologist and person of faith, Eugene Kennedy demonstrates that sincere seeking and believing are one, and that authentic faith comes from getting at the truth of what we believe in ourselves. Applying these principles to his own life and that of others, Kennedy articulates his own Christian beliefs in words that make sense for seekers of all faiths and none.
Believing is a grounded, original formulation of religious faith for those who doubt as well as those who want to better understand their own spiritual tradition.

“A wise and provocative analysis, [Believing] cannot be read in a hurry. . . . The reader will be rewarded with a wider vision and a better understanding of the heart of Christian life.”
—The Living Church

An American psychologist, bestselling author and columnist, Eugene Kennedy is professor emeritus of Loyola University Chicago. He has written more than 50 books on psychology, religion, and the Catholic church, as well as three novels. A former columnist for the Religion News Service, he currently writes a regular column and blog for the National Catholic Reporter.

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