Being Still: Reflections on an Ancient Mystical Tradition


Being Still: Reflections on an Ancient Mystical Tradition
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ISBN: 9780809141777
For more than fifteen hundred years, Christianity has cultivated a rich and varied teaching on the practice of stillness and inner calm. Here we can find answers to the contemporary psychological struggle for inner peace.

In a fresh and engaging reading of this ancient contemplative spirituality, Jean-Yves Leloup explores the writings of many spiritual masters from across the centuries. In particular he focuses on the Desert Fathers, the fourth-century monk Evagrius, St. John Cassian, and the anonymous 19th-century author of The Way of the Pilgrim. Drawn from the experience of the monasteries of Sinai and Mount Athos, here is a clear and practical presentation of the spiritual art of arts: stillness in the face of interior pain and confusion. 102516 Jean-Yves Leloup, Jean-Yves LeLoup


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