Being on Fire: The Top Ten Essentials of Catholic Faith

by Richard G. Malloy

Being on Fire: The Top Ten Essentials of Catholic Faith
Publication date: 2014-05-10
Number of pages: 172
ISBN: 9781626980709

An essential catechism that clarifies who we are in God and what we are to each other and what our purpose in life is.

Grounded not only in scripture and tradition, but also in the joy and pain of being human, this book of affirmations encompasses the fullness of a Catholic life in Christ:

  • God Loves Us.
  • Creation, and All in It, Is Good, Very Good.
  • Jesus: The Essential Gift.
  • Christ Is Community.
  • The Church: Both Human and Divine.
  • Righting Relationships: The Work of Justice and Forgiveness.
  • Sacraments Sing Our Stories.
  • Mission Matters. Jesus says, Come on, we're going to change the world.
  • Practice Makes Us Better, Not Perfect.
  • Smile: Despite It All, the Universe Is User Friendly.

Richard G. Malloy, S.J. is vice president for university mission and ministry at the University of Scranton. His previous Orbis book, A Faith That Frees: Catholic Matters for the Twenty-first Century won second place in the category “Popular Presentation of the Faith” from the Catholic Press Association. He has served as interim director of campus ministry at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, and as a priest in the inner city, on a Native American reservation, and among Catholics in New Jersey, South Dakota, Alaska, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Chile. His essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, America, U.S. Catholic and The Catholic Start Herald.

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