Being a Godparent, Revised Edition

by Patrick Gallagher; , Bernadette Gasslein

Being a Godparent, Revised Edition
Publication date: 2015-01-31
Number of pages: 12
ISBN: 9782896881529

The primary resource for being a Catholic godparent.

Being a Godparent explores the important role of godparents in the life of their newly baptized godchild. From standing in at the child’s baptism to nurturing a future relationship with them, Gallagher and Gasslein explore each step of the journey. Gallagher offers advice about keeping a godchild in one’s prayers, telling them stories and spending time with them and supporting them through adolescence.

The rules of being a godparent are basic: be at least 16 years old, be a baptized and active Catholic and be chosen by the parents. The responsibilities and rewards, on the other hand, keep growing by the year.

Patrick Gallagher has written reflections for Living with Christ and Words of Life. A freelance editor as well as a writer, Patrick worked on Fully Alive!, a family life program published for the ACBO, widely used in the elementary schools of Ontario.

Bernadette Gasslein has extensive experience in liturgy and catechetics at the local and national levels, and holds an S.T.L. from Institut Catholique de Paris. She is the Editor of the journal Worship.

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