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Becoming Icons of Christ

Becoming Icons of Christ

Becoming Icons of Christ, the third in a series of collections of talks and essays by Mother Raphaela,
continues the practical and plain-spoken advice on life and growth in Christ introduced and developed in the first two volumes.

When we find ourselves in our times of passion,
or when we are faced with the passion of
others, we have only one way open to us to respond
appropriately...we ask Christ to enter our lives, to
teach us to pray, and Himself to come, live, and pray
within us. This way of entering into the life and Passion
of Christ is the only way to His Resurrection our
own personal transfiguration by the life of God. And only as we are thus transfigured will we
become icons not icons of our righteousness and suffering, nor of our own strength, truth
and courage, but in cons of the love, the power, and the peace of God.Mother Raphaela
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