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At Play in God's Creation: An Illuminating Coloring Book

by Tara Owens;Dan Sorensen; , Tara M. Owens

At Play in God's Creation: An Illuminating Coloring Book
Publication date: 2016-08-26
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9781632530981
Introducing a quiet, sometimes-playful, always meditative way to engage with God through color, creativity, and prayer. At Play in God’s Creation creates a meditative journey for the word-weary that celebrates the creativity within. This remarkable book integrates evocative, searching drawings with brief prompts and spiritual intentions. Color-ers and spiritual seekers are taken on a journey through dark, arched passageways and spacious open fields. They will fill the paths with their own designs, or follow the way of the One who went before. This imaginative, spiritually rich addition to the growing genre of coloring books for adults encourages color and contemplation, allowing a safe and comfortable place for anyone to find their way in prayer and silence. Many will spend hours filling in the pages with their own vivid imaginings, meeting God even as He slips between stained glass and sycamores. 
Tara Owens;Dan Sorensen;, Tara M. Owens

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