Ask a Franciscan

by O.F.M.; Pat McCloskey

Ask a Franciscan
Publication date: 2010-09-27
Number of pages: 113
ISBN: 9780867169706

For years, Franciscan Father Pat McCloskey has heard people's questions and then responded in his "Ask a Franciscan" column in the award-winning St. Anthony Messenger magazine. This book collects in one volume the best of the "Ask a Franciscan" questions and Fr. Pat's expert and pastoral answers. These are challenging, provocative, and even quirky questions Catholics and others ask about Catholic faith and practices.

For easy use, Father Pat grouped questions and answers into these subjects: how we understand God as Father, Son, and Spirit • how we relate to Mary and the other saints • how we read Scripture • how we celebrate the sacraments • how we pray • how we grow morally • how we grow in faith and practice it • how we experience forgiveness and redemption.

Pat Mc Closkey, O.F.M., editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, contributed to the original Saint of the Day (St. Anthony Messenger Press) and has updated its last three editions. He holds master’s degrees in theology, divinity, and Franciscan studies and has written books on Franciscan saints, anger with God, and growing in one’s mental images of God.

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