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Angels of God (Threshold Bible Study)

Angels of God (Threshold Bible Study)

Stephen J. Binz This study enhances today's fascination with angels with an overview of the Bible's presentation of God's angels as guardians and messengers.  Understanding their presence throughout biblical history will enhance your awareness of their invisible presence with us today. Threshold Bible Study is a thematic Scripture series designed for both personal study and group discussion.  The thirty lessons in each study may be used by an individual for daily study over the course of a month or they may be divided into six weekly lessons.  Through the spiritual disciplines od Scripture reading, study, reflection, conversation, and prayer, readers will cross the threshold to a more abundant dwelling with God.  Ideal for Bible study groups, small Christian communities, parish leadership teams, adult faith formation, student Scripture-study groups, RCIA teams, catechumens and candidates, catechists and teachers.Stephen J. Binz;, Stephen J Binz
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