Anatomy of Misremembering Vol 1: Hegel

by Cyril O'Regan;

Anatomy of Misremembering Vol 1: Hegel
Publication date: 2014-03-01
Number of pages: 688
ISBN: 9780824525620

This compelling work is the most comprehensive and sophisticated account to date of the relationship between Hans Urs von Balthasar—a Swiss theologian and Catholic priest—and the German philosopher Georg Hegel. While underscoring the depth and breadth of Balthasar’s engagement with the philosopher, author Cyril O’Regan argues that Balthasar is the most concertedly anti-Hegelian theologian of the 20th century. For him, it is essential to engage Hegel because of his corrections of sclerotic forms of premodern Christian thought, but even more importantly to resist and correct his systematic thought, which represents a comprehensive misremembering of the Christian thought, practices, and forms of life.

An important and original work, this book addresses a topic that puts the possibility of an authentic postmodern theology at stake.

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