An Unexpected Wilderness

by Colleen Mary Carpenter;

An Unexpected Wilderness
Publication date: 2016-05-01
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781626981652

At a time when ecological issues are prominent in religious and social discourse, this perfectly timed volume expresses a broad range of insights and opinions on ecology and the relationship between Christianity and the natural world. Topics are not limited to traditional environmental issues, but instead feature a variety of academic disciplines and experiences to dwell on "wildernesses" that are sometimes dangerous, sometimes sanctuaries, and often the source of graced encounter.

Table of Contents

Introduction: At Home in the Wilderness, Colleen Mary Carpenter

Part I. Naming Our New Era

Spirit Wilds: Climate and Theology, Catherine Keller

A Broken Paradise: The Art of Samuel Bak and Spirituality in the Anthropocene, Elizabeth Groppe

From the Autochthonous to the Apocalyptic: Toward a Radical Ecotheology, J. Leavitt Pearl

Part II. Virtues for the Wilderness

Resilience: Virtue in the Unexpected Wilderness, Agnes M. Brazal

“You Want to Get Religion, Go in the Wilderness”: Delores Williams and Hope in the Midst of Ecological Despair, Bridget E. O’Brien

Good Chaos, Bad Chaos, and the Meaning of Integrity in Both, Nancy M. Rourke

Part III. Spiritual Practices for a Changing Earth

Spirituality for a Suffering Earth: Death, Grief, and Transformation, Julia Brumbaugh

From Tourists to Pilgrims and Monks: The Need to Cultivate a Spirituality of Rootedness, Katherine A. Greiner

“Preach Good News to All Creation” (Mark 16:15) 112, Regina A. Boisclair

Part IV. The Human Person in the Community of Creation

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Father Thomas Berry, CP: His Contribution to a Creation Theology for an Ecological Age, David Gentry-Akin

The Cry of the Poor in the Amazon: Boff, Sobrino, Stang, and Laudato Si’, John Thiede, SJ

Wilderness in Public Theology: A Dialogical Approach, Mary Doak and Thomas Hughson, SJ

Part V. Exploring a Particular Wilderness

Wilderness or Wasteland? Assessing Contemporary Resource Extraction in Light of the Appalachian Pastoral This Land Is Home to Me (1975), Jessica A. Wrobleski

The Border between Wilderness and Garden: Cultivating a Benedictine Spirituality of the Land, Christine M. Fletcher

Sisters in the Wilderness: Toward a Theology of Depression with Delores Williams, Jessica Coblentz

Colleen Mary Carpenter is Associate Professor of Theology and the Sister Mona Riley Endowed Chair of the Humanities at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. She is author of Redeeming the Story: Women, Suffering, and Christ.

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