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Already There: Letting God Find You

Already There: Letting God Find You

If you are young (or young only in heart!) and attempting to discover who you are meant to be, Fr. Mark Mossa can help you find the ways God is already in your life. Mossa provides an honest and entertaining account of how he, as a younger adult, now a Jesuit priest, attempts to find God's will for his life. Mossa's friends tell him that he has a talent for making weird (they politely say different) connections. He responds that images, lyrics, and repeatedly quoted lines from popular culture stick with us because they connect with something deep down inside of us and say something meaningful about our human experience. We need only take some time to reflect on our experience--and that is what Mark Mossa helps us to do--and we'll see that God has already been trying to communicate with us in unexpected and surprising ways.S.J.; Mark Mossa, Mark Mossa S.J.
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